Friday the United States Supreme Court said it would hear cases which challenge traditional marriage laws in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and Tennessee.  No matter how they decide, that’s good news in a Presidential election cycle for Republicans, if they can see that. If the court overturns traditional marriage laws, it ceases to become a campaign issue – and it would be a fractious one for Republicans.  If the court upholds the laws, the position that states, and not the Federal government should decide the definition of marriage wins the day – still a very tenable Republican position. The status quo – nothing settled and no man’s land – is the worst of all possible worlds.


Is there a sleeper cell at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?  The President refused to stand with world leaders in Paris and millions of others – who stood with a magazine that “slandered the prophet.”  Roger Simon in PJ Media asks what other explanation there could be in  Barack Obama not calling out radical Islam by name.  Days later, Obama did it again when appearing with British Prime Minister David Cameron.  How does the World Citizen so isolate the U.S. from the world’s view of the war on terror?

And – the Free For All!

1. Is the GOP going wobbly on stopping Obama’s amnesty?  With Obama vowing to do more, what can and will Congress stop and how?

2.  Republicans will hold the line at nine Presidential primary debates in 2016.

3.  Is the SOTU response jinxed? GOP leadership MUST know they are throwing their rising stars to the lions.

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