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Sorry, wanted to scare and offend any Muslims who may be reading this show write up… and HI! It’s that time again y’all, time for the mean ol’ bunny to come on the air and apparently offend Muslims. It brings me joy, I know, it’s not nice but after what happened in France last week and this nonsense about Oxford asking people not to use the word pork because it may hurt their feelers?

You gotta be kidding me.

So we’re talking about freedom of speech as well as how to deal with haters, trolls, bullies and other assholes you may come across as you work grassroots and speak out about what you believe in as a conservative. My special, awesome, super bitchin’ guest is the one and only Holly Fisher who has had her own fair share of bullies plus we’ll find out what the super-diva is up to these days. All that and the top 10 Douchebags of the week.

Be there, fellow pork stars!

  • Freetexas1

    We get women by not running some tired old fart against a young and charismatic opponent.

  • d w donahoo

    Keep smackin’ ’em Bunny!
    Love you.
    Seven Days in Pork

  • Vegas Man

    If you think Todd Kincannon is, or was good for the Conservative party then you, yourself need to take a step back and take a good look at where you stand bunny. TK, was fired from the repub party of SC; why? Dick pics, telling kids to eat razor blades, not to mention his comments about the NYPD; forget that? We didn’t.

  • Vegas Man

    If this is your brand bunny, talking trolls and Todd Kincannon is your hero; you have no brand, 0.

  • NY_Patricia

    Needs improvement but if you want to emanate Rush, you’re on the right track.