So, the President didn’t go to Paris on Sunday and everyone is besides themselves as to why and want answers. Um, you wont get answers. You will get excuses however. But the answer of why he didn’t show support in Paris is obvious, and I explain.

Everyone is so easily offended nowadays. The thing is, if you are willing to pay a bunch of money to a particular group to not be offended anymore, that seems to work. It’s a page right out the Jesse Jackson Race Hustling manual, and I explain.

Plus the complete BS story of the Week, the Asshat of the Week and more.

Will be reading your tweets live on the show using the Hashtag @[null:#4HourLive]. It’s a match game like question.

Barack Obama could not be in France on Sunday because he was______________________ (insert blank)

Can’t wait to read them. Talk to you tonight LIVE ON THE 405!