Tuesday – the best night of the week, because we’ve got The Friddle Show AND The Millennials, in one information-packed hour!

Tonight, Stephen Perkins and Kris Cruze join Krystal Heath to break down the Paris attacks, our no-show President, the hacking of US Central Command and much, much more…

Connor Boyack will also join us to discuss his new book, Feardom, and what the US can learn from the Paris attacks.

Fun begins at 9ET/6PT, right here on The 405 Media.  Tune in!

  • #1 Honey is a very sweet & great taste treat!(especially when you have one. ha! ha!) #2 It is absolutely awful the way a “religion” is responsible for world wide destruction #3 It is a shame fear is used to win, politically speaking that is. Isn’t fear something we pay to prevent. For peace in human life to be, truth must prevail in all aspects. With all of the communication that has been developed, the easier it should be to get along, “contact” right? Our American people & “money” have made an irreversible presidential electoral mistake we have to live with & through.

    Be right, do good, stay safe & pay attention, it’s always worth it…