Mitt Romney said he might run in 2016.  Why not?  After a week when John Boehner beclowned a mutiny by the far right and even Mia Love ate her words uttered against the Speaker, the Louie Gohmert/Ted Yoho wing of the GOP never looked weaker on the national stage. If Mitt thinks the far right can’t coalesce around a national candidate in a primary, he’s right. History is on his side. The so-called Tea Party groups raise and spend a lot of money – but not on behalf of candidates. Guys like Jeb and Mitt see a breach and they are stepping into it.


The shooting deaths of 12 in Paris by Al Qaeda backed terrorists brought out the predictable victim shaming and “Islamophobia” concern trolling.  The left condemns Charlie Hebdo for “going too far” and paints Islamists as victims, then it worries about a “radicalized right.”  Even the President of France tap dances around Islam as the driving force behind the killings at the magazine, and the killings of cops and hostages during and after the attack.

And – the Free For All!

1. Former General and CIA Director David Petraeus faces prosecution for information he may have leaked with his paramour Paula Broadwell. Is Obama channeling the Castros here?

2.  Barack Obama proposed the Federal government foot the bill for free community or junior or two year colleges. $60B is the new “free.”

3.  Bill Cosby is now making jokes about rape in his stage show, even as more accusations roll in. He told a woman at a show in Kitchener, Ontario, “You have to be careful drinking around me.” Way to make yourself a sympathetic figure, Bill.

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