Scott Walker – and Jeb Bush, as we learned from released emails –  are both two term governors who cut taxes, slapped down public employee unions and are as polarizing as it gets on the national stage. Jeb is a pariah, while Walker is the wunderkind of the right.  What’s the difference? Does the Bush political and fundraising machine trump the image problems of the Bush name?  Can Jeb Bush fund raise his way out of a GOTV revolt?

Why is Jeb Bush bent on antagonizing the conservative base, despite the fact that his governance was a pretty good fit for the far right?  P.S.  Scott Walker won’t release his emails as Jeb Bush did this week.


Obama is already hiring to process illegal immigrants for amnesty.  Five thousand applied for 1000 jobs and a $7.8 million lease was already signed for a new facility. Republicans only pretended to object.

And – the Free For All!

1. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio thinks the pro-police public sentiment and reporting is the cause of the city’s divisiveness, and not his own words and deeds.

2.  About that GOP Senate majority.  They’re poised to confirm Obama’s activist Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch anyway.

3.  “Unbroken” Or “The Interview?”

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    Time is precious because our current president deserves consequence for his communication & action. What or when?

    Be right, do good, stay safe & pay attention, it’s always worth it…


    The possibilities…

  • Kenneth Jenkins

    The media has decided our GOP candidate will be Bush or Christie. So Cruz, Paul or anyone else with integrity is frozen out. Might as well vote for freakin’ Hillary.