Obama caves to one communist tin horn, Kim Jong Un, and bails out another, Fidel Castro.  Meanwhile, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are like two kids fighting in the back seat after the car wreck.  What’s the endgame for Obama and Cuba and what will and can Congress do?

PLUS – The President of Sony says he wants you to see “The Interview.”  Has he adopted the vernacular of, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor?” A new message from the hackers demands more.  Isn’t that how a blackmail movie usually ends?

AND – The Free For All!

  1. Jeb Bush is running, and running away from the base.   Democrats are already casting him as a monied GOP stereotype.  Just who is his base?
  2. David Koch says he’s a social liberal but he says he looks the other way when it comes to candidates who espouse social conservatism.
  3. Is cheap oil bad for Texas?  Oil makes Texas boom.  Will falling prices make it bust?

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