onservatives are obsessed with who Democrats select to run for President in 2016.  Hillary beats most GOP front runners in many polls, but Elizabeth Warren is shoving her way to the front and picking up backers – including Republicans – who must see her as doom for Democrats in 2016.  Is she?  We’re convinced Americans won’t make the same mistake twice and elect a first term Senator – but will they?  Warren tacked to the right of the GOP establishment when she opposed bailouts for derivatives traders like Citigroup.  The GOP establishment and leadership stood with Obama – and still does.

PLUS – A major corporation with a large division headquartered in the U.S. is hacked to the tune of 47,000 employees.  To some, namely race baiters, the only thing that matters is a handful of emails mocking Barack Obama’s taste in movies.

AND – The Free For All!

  1. Smith College President driven to apologize after saying “all lives matter.”
  2. Another race healer on the left – New York Mayor Bill de Blasio – presides over tumbling race relations in a new poll – sound familiar?
  3. DOJ OKs pot growing and sales on Indian reservations – the rub is – they don’t it – hear why.

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