Seattle Christmas Tree Lighting

The Seattle chapter of the #Ferguson protests took “stay classy” to a new low Friday night, storming a local Christmas tree lighting ceremony and terrorizing kids singing there.

Social justice sinks to new lows.  Terrorizing people, places – and children – who have nothing to do with what happened to Michael Brown. Did Barack Obama give butt slaps to these people by suggesting the majority of protests are peaceful – and thus seeming to excuse all of them?

Also – it’s the end of broadcast TV as we know it – by 2030?  And our Saturday AM free-for-all.

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[VIDEO] Tami Jackson Speaks At OR Gun Rally

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  • Courtney

    Last time I checked a peaceful protest is not terror, and a groups of people of color are not gangs. Get off your racist high horse and read what’s going on. Stay woke.