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You expected the first post-midterm meeting between Obama, McConnell, and Boehner to be chippy, but whoda thunk Joe Biden would face the wrath of the President? Biden asked the Republican leaders how much longer they would need to come up with an immigration plan and Obama angrily cut him off.  Obama is defiant on amnesty.  The Republican midterm tidal wave means nothing and changes nothing for Obama.  Republicans can’t govern with a President who won’t sign any bill they send him and is determined to do what he wants with executive orders.

Also, tumult abounds among Navy SEALs, who are condemning the supposed Osama Bin Laden shooter for going public.  SEALs are no strangers to controversy, thanks to the President identifying Bin Laden’s killers as SEAL Team Six, but now SEALs are in open battle with each other.

Obamacare is back in front of the Supreme Court.  Justices have agreed hear the King case.  The Obama administration, completely outside and contrary to the Affordable care act, decided to pay subsidies to those getting insurance through Healthcare.gov, and not just state subsidies.  State subsidies were created to muscle governors to sell insurance through their own exchanges.  States who did not create their own exchanges would anger residents who would then have to pay more through Healthcare.gov.  It was purely a political ploy, and outside the ACA.  Enter political attacks from the left on the SCOTUS, one writer even going so far to suggest taking out a Justice could save the ACA.

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