BarackfrontsmallcAppeasement? Ignorance? intentional manipulation? What is the reason why our President takes our border, ISIS, Ebola, and any number of events so lightly? Why does he seem to care about other countries more than ours? Why does it seem that ISLAM is favored by the President more than Christians and Jews? No matter the subject common sense solutions have taken the back seat to radical politics. As they keep failing all we hear is praise from the President of how better of we are (Michelle says it too).

Take ISIS for a moment. The President said he will not put boots on the ground. This, while his military advisers say 12 to 15 thousand would be needed to remove the threat of ISIS. He also said it will be a long mission to use bombs to achieve this goal. Again, the military experts say this strategy will not work. ISIS needs to be removed ASAP! As we kill one another is recruited. This vicious cycle only means it will never end this way. so why no boots on the ground? I believe I know the answer.

If the President sends boots on the ground to Iraq to fight ISIS he has proved himself wrong. This President’s ego is placed before the reality of the situation, and the need for proper strategy. Yes, polls show not many people want to send troops back, but the truth is there is no victory without it. You see, if the President sends boots on the ground he risks criticism from Liberals, mocking from the GOP, and his image tarnished, and that is all he is, is an image of a leader.

Without speaking words, boots on the ground is an admission he was wrong by pulling all troops out and leaving without a contingency plan. However, he has been proven wrong already. Other countries have and will send boots on the ground as we continue to use our air power. A boot on the ground be it from the USA or another country is still a boot on the ground. Thus, the President is trying to keep his decision as right, just because it isn’t our boots. Yet, still boots were needed and being sent by others.

By not getting the job done fast, more people will die, more beheadings, more raping, etc. all for ego!?

A real leader like Benjamin Netanyahu spoke the truth at the UN recently. Saying ISIS is a fast growing threat throughout the world. Saying the Jews and Christians and even moderate Muslims are the targets. I have not heard once our President mention Christians in all of this. If I am wrong please send me the audio and I will retract that.

Even other Arab countries are speaking about the threat of ISIS as more of a threat than our President. Many people coming across our border are from terrorist countries and we don’t know where they are ending up. With terrorism, and Abola such big threats our borders should be sealed like a tight drum. Instead we send brochures to Mexico saying if you were deported you can return.

The beheading in our own country by a radical Islamist’s trying to convert his co-workers to Islam and called work place violence is a sham. As also Fort Hood, Boston bombings, NJ beheading by a Muslim, and the many violent acts of Muslims in Dearborn Michigan, and much more. It has begun. Yet, liberals will call a person pointing out the problem as Islamophobic or Hate Speech, yet Liberals could certainly be accused of Christianphobia and hate speech then too, right? Ben Affleck made a fool of himself doing this with Bill Maher. I was amazed to see Bill Maher gets it. Yet, many liberals do not. Even in our own country it has been revealed that USA mosques are teaching lessons on how to behead properly. Can you imagine if a Christian church preached how to kill your enemy? Ludicrous example to be sure, but rest assured the Liberals would be outraged.

The threat is not just in Syria, or Iraq with ISIS, it is in England, and much of Europe, and now it is surfacing here. While liberals trash Christians and Jews (Yet many Jews are Democrats themselves), they appease Islam. Read up on Constantinople. That is the goal of Islam for the entire world. Not all Muslims behead, this is true, but of the 1.2-6 billion Muslims the majority have the belief that the world needs to be 100% Islam for there to be peace.

I believe that America is the most special country in all the history of the world. It is my hopes as Europe falls to Islamic rule in the near future, that Americans will wake up and the tide of Liberalism will swing more to the center. If not, anything not from Allah in the USA will be erased. That is what ISIS is doing now. As they spread in Iraq they destroy anything not from Allah.

There have been 7 crusades in history. Each time the Muslims trying to advance with the sword lost. Now? they are succeeding with immigration and running for local politics. Where they can make the changes to Sharia law. This is not my opinion, it is their own words of the mission at hand. So when a liberal says to you the threat is vastly of exaggerated, have them not listen to conservatives. Have them go to YouTube and listen to the Imams, the Clerics themselves say what is coming.

Bring God back into our schools, and lives. Ignore the ACLU and liberal critics of Christians and Jews, as we lose faith, Islam will certainly be there to fill the void. God Bless America.