Alton Nolen changed his name to Jah’Keem Yisrael while in prison where he converted to Islam.  He worked for the Moore, Oklahoma Vaughan packing company, but was fired for arguments about stoning women on Thursday.  Later in the day he returned and stabbed a 54 year old co-worker and beheaded her. He also stabbed another woman who worked in the plant before its COO who is also a reserve sheriff shot him, wounding him.  Federal officials are bending over backwards not to call it terrorism, but Yisrael’s Facebook page was packed with jihad and hate for the west, the local Mosque protestations that they had no contact with him were lies.

It’s absolute mental masturbation to ask whether Yisrael had ISIS ties.  He’s a radicalized Muslim. He doesn’t need an ISIS label.

Also: Sarah Palin travels to Louisiana Saturday to eat alligator and stump for Tea Party candidate Rob Maness.  Yes, technically he’s a Republican, but he’s running against Republican candidate Bill Cassidy, who is trying to unseat Democrat Mary Landrieu.  Cassidy has a 5ish point lead on Landrieu. Maness is a distant 3rd and in the single digits.  Problem is, Louisiana has a runoff system for the November 4 midterm election. If no candidate gets 50% of the vote or higher, the two top vote getters run again in December.  That means Mary Landrieu might get a second life and it’s a whole new race.  Democrats may be hard pressed to defend her seat now, with upwards of  a dozen Senate seats in play, but if hers is the only race in December, do you think that changes things? Especially if that one seat makes or breaks a Democrat majority?  You betcha.

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