The New Jersey Governor is off the hook on Bridgegate.  He can’t wait to get back in the game for 2016 and neither can establishment Republicans. Yeah, he says all he cares about is 2014, but we know better. Did sniveling MSNBC and their fixation with Christie’s (now) non-scandal ruin it for low information voters, though? The big money donors in the GOP seem unfazed.

Speaking of establishment Republicans, why are they falling behind Democrats in fundraising?  The establishment GOP got its way in the Senate primaries.  Some very encouraging polls this week, but a takeback of the Senate is by no means a slam dunk.

And, will the U.S. military be asked to guard latrines in Ebola stricken parts of Africa?  Eight Ebola aid workers were murdered and tossed into a septic tank.  Exactly what will be the role of the U.S. Military there?

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