“In the aftermath of a disaster, could you handle medical emergencies even if help is NOT on the way?” We talk with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, authors of the #1 Amazon Bestseller “The Survival Medicine Handbook”. We also talk about sticking things in your pee-pee hole, and the people who have NOT accepted our ALS challenge!

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Chris Brake Show #52 – Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy Interview

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, aka Joe Alton, M.D. and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P., have created The Survival Medicine Handbook to help ordinary Joes like you and me handle any and all medical and health issues under the sun if something happens where professional medical help is unavailable. This is not only geared toward so-called “doomsday preppers,” but also for people who want to be prepared for earthquakes and hurricanes, and even wilderness survival.

Click on the image below to learn more about “The Survival Medicine Handbook“:

The Survival Medicine Handbook: When Medical Help is NOT on the Way by Dr. Bones and Nurse AmyYou can check out more from Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy on Facebook here and here, and on Twitter @preppershow. They also have a pretty serious Youtube Channel where they have tons of videos showing you how to do your own medical procedures at home, how to grow your own food at home, and lots of other cool things you can do at home to help protect your family in times of trouble. Check out their official website at doomandbloom.net where they have over 400 articles and tons of other informative how-to information to keep you and your family safe when the fit hits the shan.

And check this out: Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy even have a cool Doom and Bloom’s SURVIVAL! board game that you can play with your family to help get your gang in the survival mindset. I’m really blown away by how awesome and fun this game looks. Click on one of the pictures below to go to the official Doom and Bloom Survival board game website to learn more about the game, or to order a copy for yourself.

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy's Doom and Bloom Survival Board Game

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy's Doom and Bloom Survival Board Game - Engineer Card