John Crist

Comedian John Crist is baaaaaaaack!  *Siiiiiiiiiike*  Turns out, Crist was double booked, but he’ll be here in a few weeks…

So what are we going to talk about tonight?  Racism.

Racism in America.  It’s still a problem.  A big problem.  Whatever happened to “we’re not a black America or a white America”?  Tune in for my answer.

Also, tonight we’ll discuss if the ALS #IceBucketChallenge presents an ethical problem for those who are pro-life, AND what we can do about it (that doesn’t involve a boycott).

Yes, I did it.  Here’s me getting ice water dumped on my head:

What else is on the agenda?  We’ll discuss whom the White House will attend a funeral for (or not), and Chicago crime… dropping?  All this, lots of other good stuff, and oh yes, if you’re on Twitter or Facebook, don’t forget to #AskFriddle!  9ET/6PT, The 405 Media.  Be there!