Friddle and Hannity

We’re celebrating ONE YEAR of The Friddle Show this week!  Be sure to tune in tonight as the fun begins with an interview with the one and only Sean Hannity!  Tune in for Sean’s take on getting started in radio, the meaning of success, who’s going to be the Jets starting quarterback, and lots more…

Also tonight, we’ll talk about good news – the news you probably aren’t hearing anywhere else… but that we should definitely talk about more often.  From donations to our heroes to buckets of ice dumped on people’s heads, there’s still a lot of good happening in this world and it’s time we recognize it even amid the craziness of life.

Be part of the celebration!  Send me your questions and comments on Twitter using the hashtag #AskFriddle, or call me – our number’s 877-297-8022.  Look forward to talking to you tonight at 9ET on!