Kevin Ward

That’s right! Twitter’s “Sean Hannity’s Hair” joins us again this evening… we’ll discuss the tragic racing incident which left 20 year old Kevin Ward dead after contact with Tony Stewart’s car.  Does racing need more safety regulations?  What, if anything, should happen to Stewart?

Annnnd… how do you get on a plane without a ticket?  One woman seems to have mastered the feat which would be a terrorists’ dream come true.

Then we’ll review the latest with those Redskins…  Can they play in a stadium that bans their name and logo?

But first, we’ll talk about hate.  Real hate.  While we argue about whether not baking a cake for someone is hateful, Christians in Iraq are being brutally killed for their faith.  That’s hate.  What can we do to stop the evil in this world, and how do we keep sight of God’s goodness and the wonder of life while the world’s falling apart all around us?

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