President Barack Obama is only committed to a policy of containment over the Islamic State in Iraq, where they already control half of the country. Yazidis, 40,000 are trapped on a mountaintop deprived of food and water and Obama has sent enough aid for only about 8,000.  As of Friday Obama ordered limited bombing missions of artillery equipment thought to be targeting U.S. assets.

The Islamic State is a tube of evil, stinking rotten toothpaste.  Squeeze them on one end and they come out the other.  Clearly targeted bombing won’t halt their advances.  Even Democrats like Diane Feinstein acknowledge that.  Of course the GOP wants a more aggressive response.  Can even a Libertarian look the other way from the steady diet of footage of executions, beheadings, and other carnage? The only thing everyone seems to agree is on nobody wants another war in Iraq.  But we’re involved, if not committed.  Factories have been building weapons seven days a week to send them to Iraq.

Then what?

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