Conservative InsurgencyEXPLICIT! Tonight at 9ET/6PT we’ll be joined by contributor and former Army Colonel Kurt Schlichter.  Kurt is here to discuss his new book, Conservative Insurgency and the struggle to pull America back from the brink of leftist liberalism.  Have questions for Kurt?  Tweet them to me using the hashtag #AskFriddle!

Also tonight, we’ll talk about the real dangers of Ebola.  Should Americans who contract the virus be brought home?  Could it spread here?  What about illegal immigrants bringing it with them across the border?  Is it actually an airborne disease?

Having personally traveled to West Africa on four separate occasions, I believe the mainstream media is leaving out several key elements of the Ebola discussion and making a bad situation even worse.  But hey, they get most everything else wrong, why should this be any different? 

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