C Steven Tucker

It seems every time we turn on our TV’s, we’re greeted with a new scandal, conflict, or potentially life-changing news.  Amid the world’s chaos, we shouldn’t forget the problems here at home which threaten to undermine America as we know it.  One such culprit?  Obamacare.  What’s the latest in the “we’ll make it so bad, you’ll beg us for socialized medicine” scheme?  Obamacare expert Steven Tucker joins me tonight to discuss.

Also this evening, we’ll examine the latest from the Israel/Palestine conflict that’s taken the lives of more than a dozen IDF soldiers – including two American citizens, the downed Malaysian Airlines flight and who should be held responsible, and the border crisis.  Are teddy bears really comparable with alcohol?  Does Glenn Beck actually hate America?  

Familiar with the Death Star?  Think our government should build one?  More than 30,000 death starpeople signed a White House petition to make that happen – and the White House answered.  Tune in tonight to find out which White House petition garnered 100,000 more signatures than the Death Star but has yet to be answered!

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