It’s a breaking news night on The Friddle Show

  • Rocket fired from Gaza hits Jerusalem; Israel calls up 40,000 troops.
  • Governor Rick Perry refuses to shake President Obama’s hand.
  • Germany’s historic performance against Brazil in the World Cup.
  • Cleveland declared the host city for the 2016 GOP Convention.
  • Sarah Palin makes the case for President Obama’s impeachment.

AND how red-heads are in danger of extinction due to global warming, why growing marijuana is hurting the environment, and what political figure says that some families have a “predisposition” to the Presidency (yes, for real)…

Alina Carmona

Alina Carmona of The Fed Up Conservative will also be joining us this evening to discuss the border crisis, LEGAL immigration, and much more!  Have a question for me or Ali?  Tweet them to us using the hashtag #AskFriddle, OR give us a call at 877-297-8022.

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