“Stagnant Recovery, Immigration Drain, Border Chaos, Student Loan Bubble, Remember Mississippi” 

Doc tackles those topics and more on this edition of the Conservative Underground Show !


-Remembering Casey Kasem - tongue and cheek 

-The American Economy – Built for success, living on life support

-Free Market principals encourage economic growth 

-The economy is shrinking – 2.9%

-People in D.C. right now eager to ramp up spending & deficits 

-The American Economy is like a plane, wants to fly, wants to grow

-The last five years is an administration that has promoted policies that has prevented the economy from growing

-There are people in the government class that make money when government grows

-Obama owns this economic mess

-Stimulus package, Obamacare, Financial Reform = Failures

-Government Tax Credits; Gov’t dictating behavior 

-You got to mow your own lawn before you help your neighbor with their garage sale

-There is now general labor shortage; there are people who will pick the strawberries; All Employment growth since 2000 went to immigrants

-The political power brokers on the left and right getting its bread buttered and the rest of us are getting squeezed

-Doc’s Twitter Followers for the week

-Doc’s Top Tweets

-Ask the Magic 8 Ball

-Student Loan Debt; Bubble about to burst

-Reality comes quick for college age people

-Drinking, smoking pot, free for all sex take a back seat to student loan debt; major buzz kill

-Mississippi Burning; John Fund rally cry “Remember Mississippi”

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