It’s a new week and a new time for The Friddle Show!  Tonight begins the first of our two-nights-a-week schedule; the fun begins at 9ET! To start things off, we’ll discuss the latest in election results and Eric Cantor’s stunning Tuesday defeat to Dave Brat.  Was this a sign of an upcoming GOP doomsday, or something else altogether?  Why did Cantor lose, when others like Lindsey Graham (with a similar voting record and constituency) seemingly sailed to victory? CameronGray1 Then, Cameron Gray of NRA News will join us to talk about all the latest with Hillary Clinton – is she actually poor?  Did she really defend a rapist?  Is she the Democrats only chance for victory in 2016?  Cameron will also help us answer that age of old question of “How do you make two years worth of emails disappear?” And of course, it’s the week of Father’s Day and it’s time to talk about Dad’s.  Because Dad’s are awesome.  Every kid should have one.   This is gonna be good… Be part of the show!  Send me your questions and comments on Twitter using the hashtag #AskFriddle, or give me a call at 877-297-8022.