Memorial Day.  It’s not about barbecues, picnics, or even family gatherings.  It’s about remembering those who gave all that we might enjoy the freedoms that we have – the freedoms of assembly, religious liberty, speech, and countless others.  It is a time to remember our heroes, because it is upon the lives, and deaths, of heroes that this great nation was built.

Aissa Wayne

Tonight on The Friddle Show, we’ll remember these heroes, and we’ll also talk with the daughter of an American icon, John Wayne.  Aissa Wayne will join us to discuss her dad, what made him great, his love for America, and what it was like growing up with America’s favorite cowboy.

In addition, we’ll examine the recent decision by a Federal Judge which suddenly made Pennsylvania a same-sex marriage state.  The Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett, has opted not to appeal the decision; can and should the people decide this issue at the ballot box?

And when it comes to the people of Pennsylvania making decisions, last week’s election results in the state may surprise you… but do they also spell bad news for a potential Hillary Clinton candidacy?  Details at 9ET/6PT here, on!

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