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It’s time to discuss the craziness of the modern school system. Would walking to school make your children as fit as your grandparents were? Would you want your 4 year old walking to school? And don’t forget about your privilege – better check that, because according to the latest from the left, if you aren’t familiar with revisionist history, you can’t possibly be socially relevant or culturally sensitive…Then, we’ll look at a party divided – can it stand? No one questions that the right is currently divided. But how many elections can a divided party win? We need to stop pointing fingers and start creating solutions; we need to stop blaming our teammates for our problems and unite on our common ground.My guest this evening is Janie Johnson, author of Don’t Take My Lemonade Stand and 2012 Obama Campaign slogans. We’ll talk about the importance of teaching our children the principles of liberty at an early age, what conservatism is, and if the time has come for a third party. This is a can’t miss interview, folks! Who else compares the Broncos to America and gives you the facts on Mitch McConnell in a single 15 minute time span?

To wrap things up for the evening, I’ll be joined by my good friend Rose Finley. She’s with us to let you all know of an exciting new event taking place this summer and put on by my favorite non-profit organization, The Fatherless Cry… maybe we’ll even have her stick around for some #AskFriddle questions!

The fun begins at 9ET/6PT – tune in!