It’s all about the whiners and losers tonight on The Friddle Show!

Have you heard about the Hate Crimes Reporting Act of 2014? You guessed it!  The same government that has done such a fabulous job with our eonomy and health care system is now seeking the power to unilaterly abolish anything and everything they deem hateful.  What could possibly go wrong?

Friddle and Sean Hannity's Hair
Sean Hannity’s Hair & The Friddle at Blog Bash, 2014

And then… Donald Sterling.  Stupid, yes.  Immoral, yes. Wealthy, yes.  But, does the punishment handed down by the NBA fit the crime in this instance?  It’s a discussion America must have…

We’ll also be testing an entirely new Friddle Show format tonight – and tell you why and when it may be permanately implemented – as our guest joins us for both conversation and questions.  That’s right, don’t just call in to talk with me this evening – who has questions for Twitter’s own @SHannitysHair?  Call us at 877-297-8022 and let’s talk!  Or, send us a tweet using #AskFriddle and get a two-for-one answer!

Be sure to join us this evening at 9ET/6PT as Hair and I discuss Benghazi, Joe Biden, and a world full of whiners and losers!