influencersWe’re all influencers.  Whether that be on a national stage, in our communities, churches, or homes – someone is always watching, ready to imitate, looking to learn from us.  Have we forgotten the power of influence?  Do we understand that what we say can make or break a person or situation?

Tonight, we’ll talk influence in the light of conservatism and Cliven Bundy’s recent comments.  How do we balance speaking the truth with political correctness?  Is it possible to do both?  Or is it that we’re just confused about what political correctness is?  And is there a limit to free speech?  All this and more, coming up…

Caleb Bonham

Caleb Bonham of Campus Reform will join us tonight to discuss liberal bias on college campuses.  The Class of 2014 will be inundated with progressive commencement speakers… and the classes being offered today on campuses across America may shock you.  Don’t miss it!

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