We’re back tonight with an all new edition of The Friddle Show!  Tune in at 9ET as we debunk myths of all kinds – political, religious, March madness – you name it.

To start off the evening, we’ll review the latest news and talk about the upcoming primary elections.  Who really chooses the candidates on the ballot in November?  Is it the “establishment,” or is it we, the people?


And because they’re the most loved/hated films in America right now, we’ll talk about and compare Frozen and Noah.  Could it be that a Disney cartoon is actually more Biblically accurate than a multi-million Dollar, faith-promoted, hailed by Christian leaders blockbuster hit?  It just might be…


Also tonight, we’ll be joined by Jamie Garza of Abandoned Warriors.  Jamie’s cousin, Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance volunteered to serve two combat tours; 15 months in Iraq and 7 months in Afghanistan, only to return home to face charges by the very government he swore to support.  His crime?  Violating the rules of engagement enacted by President Obama.

Clint Lorance

Obama’s rules of engagement have nearly tripled our casualties in Afghanistan since 2008 and landed more than one great American in prison; this needs to change.  Don’t miss this must-listen interview for all who love our men and women in uniform!

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