Cherylyn Harley LeBon sits in for Krystal Heath. GUESTS TONIGHT:

Julie Gunlock, Director of Culture of Alarmism Project – Independent Women’s Forum. Author of From Cupcakes to Chemicals.

Dr. Mark Green is a physician, author, decorated veteran with deployments in both Afghanistan and Iraq, a father, a husband, a businessman and a member of the Tennessee State Senate widely recognized as one of the Volunteer State’s most promising political figures.

Dr. Green was an army special operation flight surgeon assigned to the 160th Special Ops Aviation Regiment, where he planned and flew on some of the most covert operations in the Global War on Terror. 

His most memorable mission occurred when he was chosen to be the attending physician for deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein on the night of his capture. Throughout the night, the “Butcher of Baghdad” held forth to Dr. Green, through an interpreter, justifying his brutal rise to power and mouthing excuses for his fall. 

Dr. Green recounted the experience in his book, “My Night With Saddam,” which also describes his service with the 160th Special Ops Aviation Regiment, which he calls “the military’s ‘Jedi Knights.’”