Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Do you know who St. Patrick was?  Do you know what you’re celebrating today – or is it just that you like the color green?  Join us tonight at 9ET for The Friddle Show for answers to these questions and more!

In addition to St. Patrick’s Day, there was another holiday celebrated this past weekend – the Jewish holiday of Purim.  And though Purim is specifically mentioned in the Bible, few outside of traditional Judaism have any idea what the holiday celebrates or symbolizes.  We’ll break it down tonight.

We’ll also discuss the latest news on the missing Malaysian flight; as we continue to hope and pray for good news, details emerging are anything but.  Meanwhile, the people of Crimea have voted to join the nation of Russia –  a move the US is rejecting.  And the President had a new revelation on Obamacare this week, as Vice President Biden remains hopeful for Democrats despite who’s President.  (Huh?)

Joining us tonight will be Gregg Phillips of Voters Trust and True the Vote.  Gregg has been labeled by the left as a “right wing ideologue straight from central casting”and by the right as a “death hawk” and “dragon slayer” all with a “John Wayne swagger.”  Bottom line: you do NOT want to miss this interview with a great conservative patriot!

And, as always… we want YOU to be part of tonight’s show!  Friddle is taking your calls at 9:35ET, call her toll free at  877-297-8022.  You can also tweet her your questions and comments for tonight’s show using the hashtag #AskFriddle!

9:30ET.  The 405 Radio.  Be there!