Friddle CPAC

This week on The Friddle Show…

It’s time to review CPAC 2014!  I had an epic few days at National Harbor interacting with amazing people and look forward to sharing some stories with you all.  (Check out my interview with Dinesh D’Souza below!)  In addition, besides the inspirational speeches and epic encounters, we’ll discuss the purposes of CPAC, the ins and outs of this year’s convention, and what those who participated tell us about the future of the Republican Party and conservatism in general.

We’ll also discuss the latest news – things like the case of the Romeike family’s non-deportation (and the difference between legal immigration and asylum as opposed to amnesty), the new Obamacare codes (because, you know, the Doctor needs to know what to put on your chart in case you survive being sucked into a jet engine), and the recent studies that show why texting and walking is dangerous for your health!

Also tonight, the ever awesome Chris Loesch will join us to discuss CPAC.  Besides being married to The Blaze’s Dana Loesch, Chris is also a homeschool dad; he’ll answer the question of “is homeschooling a legitimate form of education?”

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