Marriage, Equality

Tonight, 9ET, we’ll take a look at traditional American values and examine if they’ve been lost on this generation.

Does the government have the right to force someone to violate their conscience?  Or, do individuals have a right to conscientiously object to an activity?  We’ll look at the reasons behind why many Christians are opposed to homosexual marriage, and  look at the Biblical perspective of marriage “equality.”  HINT: you don’t want to miss this. 

We’ll also chat with Benji Backer (Freedom Works), Tyler McNally (Misfit Politics), and Bethany Bowra (Next Generation Voters) – all young conservatives – about the impact of CPAC, if the Conservative Political Action Conference is holding to conservative values, and get tips for those planning to attend the event later this week.

Also tonight, is Tim Tebow headed back to Denver?  Are naked yoga classes really a thing?  (Yes, really.)  Pets ingesting their owner’s marijuana, and more!

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