Bill de Blasio is a big, fat, elitist, totalitarian misanthropic socialist bully.  Today he burnished that reputation by making good on his threat to toss 700 charter school students into the streets.  He ended an arrangement where charter schools could co-occupy space in public schools, rent free.

de Blasio turned up the class warfare.  “There’s no way in hell that Eva Moskowitz should get free rent,” he exclaimed.  Moskowitz runs charter schools with enrollment of 6,700, so the co-occupied schools are only a fraction of that.

What he actually did is take away the “free rent” from the students.  Those schools will close and leave the city because they can’t operate with the expense of the rent de Blasio wants to charge.

The parents of 50,000 New York City kids want to get them the hell out of Bill de Blasio’s schools.  That’s the waiting list for charter schools.