realityReality.  What happened to it?  The world’s living in a land of make believe gone wrong, and we’re on tonight at 9ET to break it down.

First off, Kiev.  What happened?  Why?  Could the madness that’s engulfed Ukraine happen here in America?  We’ll discuss what led to the murders of innocents in the streets, the President fleeing the country, and where the world goes from here.

Also on the agenda this evening: should the NFL penalize 15 yds for racial slurs, and if so, how will they decide what is and is not a slur in our ever-evolving culture?  Is it realistic to expect an elimination of trash talk from the world of smashing helmets and flying pigskins?

Then, in a segment you will NOT want to miss, Friddle will be going on a royal tirade regarding that magical world known as “adulthood.”  We’ll discuss what adulthood is, what it isn’t, and how our culture is breeding an entire generation of “adult” children, who are completely unprepared for the real world.

Also tonight, we will be joined by Cherylyn Lebon of Project 21 to discuss education and the Common Core controversy.

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