StephenPHalbrrokTonight at 7 PM I am honored to be joined by perhaps THE leading authority on the Second Amendment, Stephen P. Halbrook.

Stephen P. Halbrook is a Research Fellow at The Independent Institute in Oakland, CA. He received a Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center and a PhD in social philosophy from Florida Sate University.

A practicing attorney in Fairfax, Virginia, Stephen has taught legal and political philosophy at George Mason University, Howard University and the Tuskegee Institute and has won three cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Among the body of Halbrook’s writings are books, The Founders’ Second Amendment: Origin of the Right toBear Arms, and the recent book, Gun Control in the Third Reich.

Stephen and I will discuss the origin of the Second Amendment and arguments for and against the Bill of Rights at the time of America’s founding. We will also discuss the use of gun control and gun registries by Hitler’s gestapo, and what are the dangers of gun registration and infringement of our rights in the present day.

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Jo-Rae-Perkins-US-SenateAt 7:30 I am pleased to welcome Jo Rae Perkins, US Senate candidate in Oregon, running in a primary which, if won, would pit her against Democrat incumbent, Jeff Merkley.

Jo Rae and her husband live in the mid-south Willamette Valley of Oregon, and are the parents of 2 and grand-parents of 6.

Jo Rae Perkins is a strong supporter of the military, 100% pro-life, and  is a fiscal and social conservative on other issues such as foreign policy, immigration, gun rights, and the national debt.

Join us and get to know one of the 4 candidates hoping to unseat the liberal and obscure Senator Merkley!

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