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We’re finding out that Texas gubernatorial candidate. Wendy Davis personal story is less fact than fiction.  She lied about a number of key events in her life which include: she was divorced at 21 not 19, her second husband paid her way through Harvard Law School, her ex-husband accused her of adultery in initial court filings and she ran for city council as a Republican in Ft. Worth.  When asked about these discrepancies she said, “My language should be tighter…”.  Is that a lot like lying or to quote another famous Democrat, “What difference does it make?” Why are Democrats at war with the truth?

Our guest this evening is T.J. O’Hara, an internationally recognized author, speaker, strategic consultant, writer for the Washington Times as well as weekly appearances on One America News Network.  We’ll be discussing his article, “Is over-regulation threatening to kill Liberty?”

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