Tonight at 9ET, we’ll be joined by Ali, writer for The Fed up Conservative, to discuss the new movie “Lone Survivor” – why it’s a hit, why you should see it, and why we should all support our heroes, our troops.  The good guys have never been better!

But while our heroes fight to protect us, there are others who wish – and work towards – our demise.  We’ll discuss the root cause of terrorism, which, contrary to Secretary Kerry’s recent declaration, is NOT poverty.  It is evil, plain and simple.

Promise Zones.  Time to circle back around and discuss these, as well.  Isn’t all of America a promise zone?  Let’s raise the bar, let’s shoot for the moon; it’s time to inspire a generation that will stand up and save America.  For we are the last great hope on earth.

And yes, of course I’ll give you my rundown of yesterday’s games… THE BRONCOS ARE HEADED TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!  =D  My prediction for the Broncos vs. Seahawks meeting, why Manning and the Broncos are winning, and why I thought the NFC Championship Game was sloppy.  No worries, though.  Promise, I’ll only do 5 minutes of football.

Broncos Win

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Wrapping things up tonight will be a special surprise guest; be sure to tune in at 9ET/6PT!