Broncos, Broncos, Broncos! Who’s your Super Bowl pick? You might be able to figure out mine… but can you guess Sean Hannity’s?  Yes, THE Sean Hannity joins us tonight to discuss football, America’s youth, and more!


Christie Obama

The left and media have lost their heads with talk of “Bridgegate” and Chris Christie’s demise, acting as though a greater scandal hasn’t existed since – *gasp* – the Bush administration! Much of the right, on the other hand, presumes the position of this being a complete non issue the media should not even cover. In a world of double standards and celebrity mania… who’s right, who’s wrong, has the Obama-Christie bromance officially ended, and really… what difference DOES it make? We’ll discuss!

The ever-changing definition of marriage (who should be able to define this institution, after all?), fitness failures, and the “Promise Zone” mystery all await this episode’s conversation!


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The Steelers fan who sought an injunction against the San Diego Chargers AND, the story of a pretty incredible whistle will wrap things up for the evening.

Be sure to join us at 9ET!

  • Sylvia

    Packers. But shoot, they lost to the 49ers. So, um, NEXT YEAR!!

    So now my pick to win – the Patriots!

    • John Grant

      I was hoping to put the green and gold team that shall not be named behind me for this year!