Tonight’s all new Freedom’s Edge features lots of juicy controversial news!   Hee, hee…

Freedom's Edge

First off, Paul Ryan’s budget plan.  Yes, it’s a step in the right direction.  A baby step.  Like, a we’ll balance-the-budget-in-2000-years-at-this-rate plan.  (In all fairness though, we probably do need to control the Senate to get anything better.)  But why are we so okay with living in debt?

Mandatory vaccinations… as one of the most vaccinated beings on the planet… I oppose mandatory vaccinations.  Tune in.  Find out why.  Also, malaria is awful.

Ted Cruz.  The third most influential world leader?  It’s what the survey says!  (That sound you hear… liberal’s heads exploding everywhere.)  Chris Christie?  He was seventh.  Behind John Boehner.  (Yikes!)

Obamacare, the nightmare before Christmas continues.  Surely we can help 50 people get covered for a measly $300 million, right?  Nope.  Not so much.

Also in this episode… my first celebration of Hanukkah, THE selfie, another Bush… AND your questions and calls!  Tweet me using hashtag #AskFriddle and I’ll answer your questions live on the show!  Want to call in?  Join us live on the air at 9:30ET, 877-297-8022.