I have always believed if you want to start to make a difference, you

 start in  your community first. So, when a local Common Core meeting in

 the city in  which I live and send my children to school to was going on, it

 was time to  stand. Hear about the meeting that got National attention from

 Glenn Beck  (and was even mentioned on his nationally syndicated show)  

 and what I  did, not as a host of a podcast, but as a dad and concerned

 member of my  community. Don’t know what Common Core is yet? Have

 children or  grandchildren? Have any shred of common sense and know that

 the  government being involved in anything, let alone education is an

 expensive  train wreck with the future leaders of our country on board?

 Then you must  listen to this weeks show.


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A self described “Father of 4, Conservative, Libertarian, Husband, Common Sense, Average American dude”, Jason DeWilkins get on his soapbox every week for an Hour (ish) and discusses the things going on in the news and in politics that are important for every American to know. With various weekly segments like “5 Minutes of History” and “The Asshat of the Week”, you will know doubt walk away entertained, informed and possibly offended.

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