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Chili, Jay Leno, Iran, Nickelback, Syria, Beer, Ted Cruz, Cold Weather, Syria, John Kerry, Asshats….yep all these come up on this weeks show.

On this weeks According To Me it is Vol 1 of our 3 part Buried by Barry episodes. 3 Card Barry wants to make sure you are not paying attention to what the other hand is doing, so we make sure you know the other things going on involving this administration that is buried by on Page 9 on your newspaper, but could easily be front page news if everyone wasnt so obsessed with the OCare debacle.

This week we discuss the Middle East. Lots of things have happened over there since the government shutdown, the rollout and the implementation of Obamacare. We discuss how we are more than happy to take a back seat and lead from behind when it comes to our role on the world stage, and Iran is a perfect example of that. We discuss the danger of our strategy in Iran plus this whole Syria thing hasn’t calmed down one bit, and our credibility crumbles every day there.

We discuss Ted Cruz on the tonight show and why I have an issue with Jay Leno playing Bill O’Reilly all of a sudden when interviewing Ted Cruz when he plays kissy face with every other guest on the show.

And of course, the Asshat of the Week.