The According To Me Halloween Spectacular:

(Not really, its just airing on Halloween)

On this weeks show,  we look at the similarities between the “Read my Lips” and “If you like your plan, you can keep it” statements.  Both are lies, but only one president so far was accountable for his flat out lie to the American people.

We also discuss the reason why new plans under Obamacare, some updates on the website functionality (or not).
Despite a shaky track record and proven history of failure when it comes to website development, CGI was the only company even considered for the development of This week we uncover why that was the case.
We discuss who the real puppet master is in the White House, plus this weeks Complete Line of BS, 5 minutes of History and the Asshat of the Week.
A self described “Father of 4, Conservative, Libertarian, Husband, Common Sense, Average American dude”, Jason DeWilkins get on his soapbox every week for an Hour (ish) and discusses the things going on in the news and in politics that are important for every American to know. With various weekly segments like “5 Minutes of History” and “The Asshat of the Week”, you will know doubt walk away entertained, informed and possibly offended