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A self described “Father of 4, Conservative, Libertarian, Husband, Common Sense, Average American dude”, Jason DeWilkins get on his soapbox every week for an Hour (ish) and discusses the things going on in the news and in politics that are important for every American to know. With various weekly segments like “5 Minutes of History” and “The Asshat of the Week”, you will know doubt walk away entertained, informed and possibly offended.

This weeks show:

As the Obamacare Express continues to derail off the track, we cover it, make fun of it and tell you whats important to know.

What is something that scares the Mainstream Media and both parties in Washington? Its not a what actually, its a who, and this person has everyone FREAKED out.
And we end the show with the AOTW (Asshat of the Week). Would you expect anything less?