This is the 35th episode I have done of the show, but the first one on the 405.

As I elude to in the show: I am a Father of 4, Conservative, Libertarian, Husband, Common Sense, Average American Dude.

I have a day job, but a radio background and once a week for an hour talk about the things that are important According To Me, but as an average american with a family, they are important according to you as well.

At times brash and abrasive, other times informing and education, usually funny and more than likely offensive.


Notes on this weeks show:


According To Me:

Mechanical Bullcrap

On this weeks show we discuss the absurd level the Panderer in Chief has stopped to when it comes to the government shutting down things uneccessarilly, just to convince the American public that one day without the government equals widespread misery.

More absurdity, as people are having sticker shock when it comes to what their health care will cost, because under Obamacare costs have (GASP) increased. But its only making one mans family’s insurance cost $10k more, that peanuts for you rich people who make 60k a year.
We have another “Complete Line of Bullsh*t” moment and of course the AssHat of the week.
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